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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ant Print Project

So I finished painting the purple ant print that Electric Geisha made for me. Check this out I matched photos of the final print with the original renders I created in VRay last year. Kinda neat!

This process was very experimental some things worked some didn't but in the end I'm happy with the result. I had a few experimetns that worked really well I hope to try in the future.

Below are some images of the process of painting the model.

Here is the model before painting I used Bondo to create a diorama stand (that didn't actually turn out to well but I'm still fiddling with it). I glued the legs on since they broke in transit, the legs are very delicate.

I foolishly tried to drill a hole in the bottom so I could ad a peg to support the weight. This was a minor disaster, ended up making a nasty hole which i then filled with Bondo and sanded to repair. Don't drill this stuff or at least use a very small drill bit.

This came out really well. I used a Dremel with a carving bit to add detail on the back of the abdomen. I was trying to bring out some of the cracks in the chitinous sclerites. I was nervous doing this but it really helped especially when it was painted.

A coat of white primer

more primer

Purple metallic spray paint for the initial coat. This was kind of sparkly which looked cool but maybe a little too sparkly.

The purple base coat is applied to the top.

I used a blue model paint mixed with thinner and white paint to create a bluish wash. This toned down the sparkly quality and also brought out the detail especially the marks I created with my dremel.

some more wash and a little color variation is added.

Red model paint is used to add the markings. I used my VRay remder as a guide.

Finished the paint job with a light coat of clear lacquer. This brought some shininess back. Final model on a white Styrofoam background

what a cutie!

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