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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Jumping Spider revisions

Trying to take some time to go back and finish projects I started. A friend of mine had some notes on my Jumping Spider's legs so I spent some time reworking them. Apparently the spider world has decided to help me with my work (perhaps they feel ants have been getting too much attention). This jumper (in the photographs at the top) visited me in my studio and offered to pose. The pictures above were taken about one foot away from my cintiq monitor! This little guy showed up one morning and spent the day molting and hunting the bugs on my window pane. Not larger than 6 millimeters in length! I apologize for the poor quality of my macro shots, I did not have time to set up proper lighting or even a tripod so its not exactly Nicky Bay quality work here. But the pictures, along with my books, have provided an excellent reference. Still trying to identify the species (and gender). I named "him" Jefery-one-f-jeferey after the Pixies song.

I've added some images of the revised spider in progress, If you look sback at my original post from a few months ago it becomes apparent that I inadvertently gave my spider ant-like legs (at least in the overall curvature) perhaps this means I need to do some ant-mimic spiders as a future project. Best of both worlds!

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