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Thursday, September 18, 2014

More Fire Ant Fun

Very close to rigging my little baby here. Just completing a few tweaks/corrections to the clubs on the antennae, the gaster, hairs and the petiole to try and get her closer to S. invicta. I finished Stephen Welton Taber's Fire Ants and just started Walter R. Tschinkel's The Fire Ants. Both amazing books. Thanks again to Seth Burgess for his critiques of my model. Of course now I have to tackle the queen. the male, and the minims!


  1. Eric my name is walter jr, i am Brazilian and you are a inspiration for me, you and scott spencer are like my personal's teachers, because i am reading your books every day, and my dream is to be like you someday, may God bless you master Eric. Keep to making more and more wonders to us!!!

  2. So nice of you to say! Thanks so much! I'm working on some fun project that I hope you will enjoy.

  3. Surely i will Eric, i am having a lot of fun trying to make that medusa's maquette, the underwater sea lab and the dragon' s head from your books, thank you very much for sharing your artistic knowledge and your skills with us!!!