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Friday, October 28, 2011

Newest Cast Member

Been working on the newest cast member for might short film "niche". Been squeezing this in between all the work I have to do for clients so its slow going. but here are some test renders. Bug was modeled and textured in ZBrush and rendered in Modo. Some composition and color correction in Photoshop. For some reason the fur does not render in close ups. not sure why. I'll probably paint some hair in later.

This here is the "safari" or "tiki" bug. Completely vegetarian. The mouth parts are sponges similar to what flies use. Other influences include treehoppers, beetles, earwigs, and exotic roaches. Lovely, isn't it? Not sure if my wife appreciates the recent obsession with insects but whaddya gonna do. could be worse I on the images to see larger version.


  1. Beautiful renders and awesome model!

  2. thanks dude! can't wait to make him crawl...

  3. I mean "her". sorry (she's very sensitive).

  4. Creepy and cool! I'm interested to learn what these characters do..