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Friday, October 7, 2011

ZBrush 4 R2 Videos

Hi folks, ZBrush has just released ZBrush 4 R2. This is equivalent to a "dot release" in that it is not a full version upgrade - but that is largely semantics, its a major release that rivals and surpasses the full version upgrades of other 3D software...looking at you Maya 2012.

This release has amazing new features that will actually change the way you sculpt in ZBrush. If you are not a ZBrush user I think now is a good time to get into ZBrush. Many of the new features make sculpting even easier and more natural.

Pixologic hired me to create some videos along with his awesomeness Paul Gaboury. Both Paul and I used a collection of models created by the beta testers as well as our own models. Check out the videos! here's a link to them on ZBrush Central: Enjoy!! Eric Keller


  1. Great videos! Sultry voice overs....what more could you ask for!?

  2. Great work,
    I bought the kindle book online but there are is no access to the companion dvd, is there a link that you provide or shall I contact the publisher.

  3. I will get you a link to the files, it used to be on Amazon but I see the link has been removed.

  4. This is a problem we're trying to sort out for future versions.

  5. keep in mind that this edition covers ZBrush 4 so some features such as Dynamesh are not covered but the book will give you a good introduction to all major features. The interface hasn't changed very much, just some new features have been added since the book was published.

  6. here's the info on getting the support files:

    Go to:

    Enter the ISBN: 9780470527641

  7. I just purchased the e-book version of IZ4 (Apple Store)and I have followed your infos to download the files and i have got this:
    No records match your criteria.
    If you believe there is content which should accompany
    your purchased version of a book please visit our Customer Support site.
    So, have you some solution?

  8. I will have to contact the publisher and find out what happened. Most likely a link was broken because something was shifted or perhaps I have a typo in my link. Can you please email me at

  9. I just followed the link I posted and had no trouble finding the files at this address:

  10. Eric,
    I want to mail you at but except for this reply I can't find your mail address.
    I have tried again with the Wiley link with no result.
    Please contact me at


  11. 1)All worked fine with Wiley. Thank You!

    2) I like your work.